LoopWriter® Software

Teachers are saying:
“I love using Loop Games in my classroom but they are so time consuming to create. Now, with LoopWriter, I can make games quickly and easily."

“Loop Games are so fun and productive for kids of all ages. It's great to see my students cooperate to finish a game, research their answers, and then ask for more!"

"To be able to switch to Spanish, French or German to create Loop Games has made LoopWriter a favorite tool of our ESL and foreign language teachers. Thanks for remembering us."

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A fun, inexpensive software program from The Curriculum Project. With LoopWriter you can create Loop Games (also called I have/who has Games) to keep students engaged and having fun while they learn.

I have:
a simple way to make loop games.

Who has:
a great way to help kids learn more and have fun.

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Step 1: type in your questions and answers in English, or switch to Spanish, French or German to create decks in the language of your choice.

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Step 2: "shuffle" the questions and answers to make the game more challenging.

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Step 3: select how you would like your deck of cards to print (2 cards per page, 4 cards per page, 6, 8, etc.).

Every teacher knows that when students are having fun during a lesson, the depth of learning is improved. Depth of learning translates into success for the teacher, and the students. And Loop (or I have/ Who has?) Games provide a fun way to differentiate instruction, use thinking skills in a collaborative setting and promote small group problem solving.

Teachers can:
  • Achieve higher passing rates on quizzes and tests as students become absorbed in your most important subject matter.
  • Enjoy an engaging environment where students collaborate and are focused.
  • Establish the type of classroom where students want to work and contribute.

Students can:
  • Feel great about knowing answers during class discussions, quizzes and tests.
  • Practice higher level thinking and decision making as related to core content.
  • Develop skills of collaboration through interacting with classmates.

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