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StandardWriter2® Software Trial: Software for creating product guides and rubrics. Try it out to see how easy it is to use and how the quality of your rubrics and product guides improves - authentic assessment has never been easier.

Click on the link below to download your free trial version. Once on your desktop, click on the installer icon and follow directions to install.

PC Version          Mac OSX Version

StandardWriter is available for a free 10 day trial during which you can use all of its functions and print, up to two completed rubrics. When you have decided to purchase, give us a call, or click here for more details. StandardWriter e-distribution is just $49.95; with your purchase you will receive a registration code that enables all features and full printing capability and you will be able to access any rubrics that you created during your trial period. Or, if you prefer, StandardWriter is available on CD for $60.00.

During installation of StandardWriter, a list of State Standards that are available to install is provided to choose from. State standards currently available include: IL, IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, and TX. Just added, as a Free upgrade, a feature allowing you to enter custom standards (code and descriptor) from any document, so they print on your rubric.

StandardWriter Help Manual: Click here to view or download a detailed description of the features and functions of this software.

StandardWriter Flier: Click here to view or download a printer friendly flier describing our software.

System Requirements:
Windows XP and above;
256 MB Ram
Macintosh OSX: 10.1.3 with Java 1.4 or greater.


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