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The partners:
Jim Curry and John Samara

John Samara is the Director of The Curriculum Project. John began his career as a third grade school teacher in Orrington, Maine before moving to sixth grade and then gifted education in Cumberland, Maine. While pursuing graduate work at the University of Southern Maine, he developed a collegial relationship and friendship with Jim Curry that continues to evolve today.

Jim Curry teaches graduate courses in the Abilities & Disabilities Program at the University of Southern Maine. He has taught in classrooms, K-12, in California, Georgia, and Iowa. Jim continues to visit schools to support teachers and administrators in their work. John and Jim have continued their friendship and partnership over several decades and enjoy conducting workshops and generating ideas together.

Together, Jim and John developed the Curry/Samara Model of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CSM). They have spent the past 20 plus years expanding and renewing their theories and strategies regarding how to improve student success rates through a wide range of field tested strategies.



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